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Home Stretch Home

Our Bathroom/Kitchen will soon be no longer.  It's ALMOST done though. We can't use the stove yet, and because of a leak under the sink, run too much water.  There's still the backsplash to decide upon, and some cabinets to hang. But it's coming along just fine.  I don't want to show the finished yet. That may still be a month away for everything - but here's some details which shows our choices as well as the excellent craftsmanship on the teak cabinets by Plane & Square woodworker, Jeff Mangers.


The teak on the cabinets is from a solid piece and the horizontal grain flows from door to door.  Except for what you see above, most of the upper cabinets will be absent of hardware and will opened with a finger lip that Jeff created.  

The lowers have a combination of Amerock's Conrad pull and the Creased Bow knob. Yes, you can split between two styles and have them match!  I love the Conrad because it's quite sexy, and yet classic. from the side it looks like a serif "c" .  The pull I wanted to be square yet simple and organic.  Both of these can be found at Home Depot. Whodathunk!?

So much room! We positioned the lighting to highlight the "chatoyance" of the teak. It's a word we learned from Jeff and have fun dropping from time to time. 

Look at those fine dado joints!

Our pendant lamp looks like a crisp Macintosh apple.  I love the punch of green color and the apple shape.  It's a little more interesting than a simple white globe we almost did.  At first I was convinced something from  Rejuvenation's mid century line would work,  had ordered and paid for the "Astron" in green and white.  BUT, the more I thought about it, the lines were wrong and the space needed some round organic shapes to break up all the straight and angles.

I've been quite grouchy about how much the cost of light fixtures are. Seriously, $400 for the simplest of lights? After visiting multiple lighting stores, thinking of buying used, and searching for hours online, the Caps Pendant was ordered from Lumens for a mere $72.  It comes in a number of colors for everyone.

And while most of the shelves are still empty and the basement full of all the stuff we used to have in the kitchen. We know where our keys are at least. 

Minimalist Planets Art & Reno Update

Aloha! It's been a little while - the Mister and I are deep in drywall dust, paint splatter and a number of other renovation related materials. It's been a somewhat (knock on wood) easy going renovation with only a few problems like our second gallon of "sugar dust" white paint not matching the first batch of "sugar dust" white and having to repaint everything AGAIN in the less dusty looking second batch of "sugar dust" white - which covered over the first doomed paint choice of "dove wing" white.  The color white is a tough one to get right, I tell you. It's like drawing an egg - looks easy until you try it. All you artists know what I mean.  We did finally get it though - and while anyone who sees it will not notice or even care, the one's who live with it everyday will be happy.

There was some electrician miscommunication (who has since made up for it in awesome speed) and lighting not being ordered when we thought they were issues but, so far we have not fallen through the floor or broken any windows with funny ladder mishandling. Although the Mister did accidently split open his lip with a crowbar. However, technically that was a different project with has now left a three foot hole in our eaves. What fun!

Pictures, you say? Okay - just one where you can see the installed marmoleum floor and the Mister "helping" Jeff with the handcrafted teak cabinets...

Meanwhile, across the fake you can see I've come across these nifty vintage prints of Minimalist Planets from a certain epic movie series which is dear to our hearts.  They are the work of multi- talented, Chicago native, Justin Van Genderen who's work can and other prints can be found at 2046 Design.

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